Halogeninė konvekcinė orkaitė | juoda | 17 L (67641)

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Prekės kodas: 67641


Product description
Compact multifunctional device that bakes, grills, cares, cooks, steams, thaws and heats. Thanks to the use of halogens, it is baked several times faster than a traditional oven.

Power: 1400W
From 3 to 5 times faster cooking compared to traditional ovens
Capacity: 12 l, with ring mounted: 17 l (12l + 5l)
Fat-free cooking
Even baking (hot air)
Intuitive temperature control (65-250 ° C) and working time (0-60 min)
A tempered glass bowl with self-cleaning function
Low electricity consumption
Convenient carrying handle that also functions as a switch
Accessories: bottom grate, top grate, pliers, stainless steel ring, lid rack, bread rack, pan with coating, aluminum steamer


The lower and upper grates allow you to arrange 2 layers of food
Pliers make it easier to get ready, hot dishes
The stainless steel ring makes it possible to increase the size of the oven from 12 to 17 liters
The lid stand makes it possible to safely place the heated lid
A bread stand is necessary to prepare crispy toasts
Frying pan with non-stick coating will be useful when preparing fried dishes
The aluminum steamer will allow you to prepare meals on the steam
Recommended temperature and cooking time:

Chicken - 30-40min, 180-200 degrees Celsius
Fish - 15-20min, 130-150 degrees Celsius
Pork - 15-20min, 180-200 degrees C
Dough - 10-12min, 140-160 degrees Celsius
Lobster - 12-15min, 140-160 degrees Celsius
Shrimp - 10-12min, 150-180 degrees Celsius
Crab - 10-13min, 140-160 degrees Celsius
Sausage - 10-13min, 120-150 degrees Celsius
Nuts - 10-15min, 140-160 degrees Celsius
Potatoes - 30-40min, 180-200 degrees Celsius
Toasts, baked bread - 8-10min, 120-140 degrees Celsius
Technical data
Index number 67641
Voltage [V] 220-240
Frequency [Hz] 50
Power [W] 1400
Bowl capacity [l] 12 + 5