Planetarinis mikseris 3 in 1 | 1000W, 4,5L Juodas (67811)

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Prekės kodas: 67811


Product description
A universal planetary mixer with a glass blender and meat grinder. An invaluable helper in every kitchen that kneads, whips, mixes, blends and has.

The most important data:

6 speeds and Turbo function
power: 1000W
maximum power: 1500W
5 functions: kneading the dough, whipping, mixing, blending, grinding
additionally, the possibility of stuffing sausages
Additional features:

durable ABS housing
illuminated knob
non-slip feet
decorative, shiny stainless steel belt
a pictogram on the casing to help you choose the right speed for your task
instruction manual in Polish

glass blender with a capacity of 1.5l
stainless steel bowl (# 304) with a capacity of 4.5l
transparent splash guard with a hole that facilitates the addition of ingredients during operation
mixer for mixing and kneading masses, special hook stirrer for kneading yeast or bread dough, whisk for whipping eggs or sponge cakes
steel meat grinder with 3 different sieves
overlays for filling sausages

The 67811 planetary mixer meets the requirements for products in contact with food in accordance with:

1935/2004 - Regulation (EC) on materials and articles intended to come into contact with food.
10/2011 - Regulation (EC) on plastic materials and articles for contact with food

Thanks to the replaceable tips, the mixer can be used to mix various food products.
The dough stirrer is used for mixing the ingredients into medium-density masses (eg yeast dough), it is recommended to use the switch settings in the range 1 - 2 while working with this tip.
Whisk mixer is used to mix the ingredients into low-density masses (eg sponge cake, pancake batter), it is recommended to use the switch settings from 1 - 4 range when working with this tip.
The whisking agitator is used for whipping foam and whipped cream, it is recommended to use the switch settings in the range 5 - 6 while working with this tip.

Technical data
Index number 67811
Mark Lund
Voltage [V] 220-240
Frequency [Hz] 50/60
Power [W] 1000
Maximum power [W] 1500
Protection class II
Bowl capacity [l] 4.5
The capacity of the pitcher [l] 1.5
Number of rotation / speed levels 6

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