Priedas į grąžtą - kniediklis | 2.4 - 3.2 - 4.0 - 4.8 mm (RGA06)

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Prekės kodas: RGA06


Essen Tools
Function: Riveting
• Nozzle Size: 1.8mm,2.2mm,2.8mm,3.2mm Working With Power Drill: 1.5N.m
• Lower noise, more efficient,Small size and easy to carry, contrast with the traditional riveter: Hand riveters is laborious and inefficient
• Easily convert cordless or corded drills into power rivet nut setters
• The rivets do not drop out. Quick release and installation,excellent ergonomics, great strength and great added features
Package Included
1 x Riveting Tool
2 x Wrench
3 x Nuts