Žirklės armatūrinei vielai | 800 mm (YT-18400)

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Prekės kodas: YT-18400


Product description
Scissors for cutting mesh / mat / reinforcement.
as well as for cutting reinforcing rods and wires, a crv steel head with a specific hook jaw,
makes it easy to locate the cut rod between the jaws of the shears.
Head and jaws forged and tempered to a hardness of about 40 hrc.
Range of applications - cutting bars with hardness up to 19 hrc up to fi 11 mm
and rods fi 9 mm with hardness up to approx. 40 hrc
Handles made of steel pipe, total length approx. 800 mm.
Purpose / use
Scissors for cutting wire mesh / matte / used for reinforcement works,
Technical data
The YT-18400 index number
EAN 5906083024016
Brand Yato
Gross weight (kg) 3.1700
Master Carton MC 5
Color Box AC 1
Pal 80
Length [inch] 32
Length [mm] 800
Maximum cutting diameter [mm] 11
CrV forged material, hardened steel

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