Atspindinti plokštuma kėbulo remontui | PDR | geltona (LB30P)

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Prekės kodas: LB30P


Essen Tools
Its for aligning the reflected lines of the board to a dent.It works best when there is plenty of sun light. The reflection becomes distorted where the dent is and you can then work your PDR tool behind the dent to make the distorted image even or uniform again, once the distorted image or lines become parallel in the reflection you have successfully removed the DENT!
Convenient when working outside with a natural light
Size: 30cm * 21cm; Steady suction arm with a powerful cup for 360 any angle
WHDZ PDR Line Board - Check the dent when you're not sure where is the dent.
Packing include: 1pcs Pdr reflector line bord with adjustment holder; We supply PDR Tools for worldwide!!!!