Terkšliniai dvipusiai ilgi raktai | šarnyriniai | su adapteriais | 8x9 - 17x19 mm | 10 vnt. (FMT10)

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Prekės kodas: FMT10


Essen Tools
Each double ended ring spanner is fitted with a fine 72 tooth ratchet mechanism. The flexible head and extra long handles ensure access to the most confined spaces

The spanners are supplied in the following sizes
8mm x 9mm 245mm long
10mm x 11mm 295mm long
12mm x 13mm 330mm long
14mm x 15mm 375mm long
16mm x 18mm 410mm long
17mm x 19mm 415mm long

The spanners are manufactured from chrome vanadium steel ,72 Teethwith a high chrome finish and are supplied in a vinyl storage roll

With Drive Adapters
1/4", 3/8", 1/2" Drive Complete with Carry Case

High Quality Chrome Vanadium Steel wrenches.