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Prekės kodas: 38620


Product description
Clamps for gluing joinery boards, doors or other large surfaces. The jaws are mounted on a 3/4 "diameter pipe, the working length is unspecified - it depends on the length of the pipe used.
Purpose / Use
For strong clamping of glued elements such as slats, large frames, doors, etc.
Slide the jaws onto the 3/4 "diameter pipe. Place the clamped workpiece between them and clamp the jaws using the knob.
Contents of the package
Two working jaws with holes for mounting on the pipe 3/4 "/ bez rur /
Technical data
Index number 38620
EAN 5906083041723
Brand Vorel
Gross weight (kg) 1.2170
Master Carton MC 12
Pal 480
Size [mm] fastening on a 3/4 "pipe of any length
The type of compression is a tube clamp for gluing boards
Size [inch] 3/4