Sienų ir lubų šlifavimo mašinėlė | žirafa | 225 mm | 600W (79307)

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Prekės kodas: 79307


Product description
Intended for grinding plaster coats. Adjustable boom makes it easier to sand walls and ceilings up to 3.5 m without having to use platforms and ladders.

• built-in dust extraction system for a fabric bag (hanging on the shoulder) does not require connecting a vacuum cleaner
• enables sanding surfaces at any angle
• solid drive housing
• variable speed control in the range 600 - 1600 min-1 with the aid of a knob
• large disc diameter (225 mm) facilitates smoothing of the finish
• in the set of 6 abrasive discs with grit 60-240

Technical data
Index number 79307