Pjovimo juosta | 15" 3/8"U (YT-849321)

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Prekės kodas: YT-849321


Product description
Chain guide for YATO YT-849321 chainsaws.

Length 15 ", 56 links, pitch 3/8", width 0.05 "(1.3 mm).

It is made of Mn65 manganese steel, which significantly increases the resistance of the guide to abrasion and overheating, extending its life. The star tip is fixed with 4 rivets, ensuring the highest precision of assembly and increasing the strength of the guide. In addition, the star tip has a roller bearing that guarantees precise chain guidance, minimizing resistance during operation.

The YATO guides have a special lubrication system with an oil reservoir, from which the chain collects oil and distributes it evenly over the entire length of the guide. As a result, the working resistance is reduced and the cooling increases, which significantly extends the life of the entire cutting system.

The YATO guides are intended for home and professional use. They are dedicated to work around the house, in the garden. They are also well-suited for tree cutting work. It is suggested to use guides with YATO YT-84952 or YT-84960 chains. It is also possible to use them with chains from other manufacturers.

Technical data
Index number YT-849321
Brand Yato
Size [inch] 15
Number of links 56
Graduation [inch] 3/8 "
Width [inch] 0.05 "