Poliravimo rinkinys | 50/75/100 mm | 6 vnt. (PK06)

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Prekės kodas: PK06


3 Stitched Buffing Wheels (50, 75 & 100mm)
1 x Red Polishing Compound - Produces A High Quality Finish On Silver, Gold & Jewellery
1 x Green Polishing Compound - Used For First Stage Polishing Of Soft Metals & Final Buffing Of Hard Metals
1 x 6mm (1/4"") Mandrel Attatchment - Suitable For Most Power Drills

Product description
A set of tools for final mirror polishing. Allows polishing to a high gloss, among others steel, aluminum and plastic, removing streaks and small scratches. Useful for DIY enthusiasts who renovate motorcycles, cars, furniture and decorating elements, as well as artistic and DIY works. Provides efficient polishing of delicate, sensitive surfaces, minimizing the risk of damage to the top coat.

Purpose / Application
For preliminary or final polishing of metals, varnishes and some plastics.
Contents of the package
In the set: - 3 cotton discs with diameters: 55, 75, 100 mm - handle with 6 mm diameter mandrel - 2 polishing pastes in blocks of 150 g