Generatorius benzininis | trifazis | 6500W (400V) (YT-85460)

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Prekės kodas: YT-85460


Product description
Power generator with high power, adapted to work in difficult conditions and under full load. Its construction enables electricity to be supplied to buildings and machinery, eg during long-lasting network failures or wherever both 1-phase (230 V) and 3-phase (400 V) power supply is necessary. Useful at construction sites, repair services and farms.

the system of using the key or traditionally - a cable
possibility of connecting high-power devices, eg welding machines, concrete mixers, brick saws, plastering aggregates or pumps
stabilization of AVR voltage
4-stroke OHV engine
copper, insulated winding protected against overheating due to thermal switch 10
generator's maximum power: 5500 W, constant power: 4250 W
Three 230 V sockets and one 400 V socket
type of oil: SAE 10W-40
candle type: F7RTC ignition
handles and pumped wheels for easy transport

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