Generatorius benzininis | inverterinis | 800W (YT-85481)

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Prekės kodas: YT-85481


Product description
Inverter aggregates are a reliable source of energy on recreational plots, camping sites, holiday homes and everywhere where there is no access to electricity or the use of an emergency source of electricity is necessary. The inverter power system allows you to safely connect even sensitive electronic devices.

copper, insulated winding resistant to overheating due to thermal switch
smoothed sine wave ensures safe connection and stable operation of electronic equipment, eg chargers, laptops, tablets, televisions, power tools
durable and easy to use start-up system with support
OHV engine
type of oil: SAE 10W-40
fuel type: unleaded petrol
built-in oil level sensor
compact dimensions and handle for easy transport

generator's maximum power: 880 W, constant power: 800 W
very quiet operation - only 65 dB
low fuel consumption: 0.75 L / h
230 V power supply socket

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