Matavimo ratas | keliamatis/odometras | 0,1 - 10 000 m (YT-71655)

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Prekės kodas: YT-71655


Product description
Measuring wheel, odometer, Single circle for distance measurement measuring range from 0.1 - 10000 m, electronic counter, wheel diameter 160 mm. telescopic handle. The body is made of ABS, resistant to mechanical damage. Packed in a bag. Power supply 2 1.5v batteries type AAA

Purpose / Use
A device for measuring distances inside or outside rooms. The range of measured distances from 0.1 to 10000 m allows you to measure arcs
Contents of the package
Odometer, cover.
Technical data
Index number YT-71655
EAN 5906083048630
Brand Yato
Gross weight (kg) 1.2500
Master Carton MC 10
Pal 60
Length [mm] 800- 1040 telescopic handle
ABS material, aluminum
Diameter [mm] 160
Length [m] 1.5
Weight [g] 1250