Įrankių rinkinys kėbulo įdubų / įlenkimų šalinimui | 8 vnt. (V1659)

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Prekės kodas: V1659


Essen Tools
For the removal of dents in a car’s body without damaging the finish
ideal for removing small dents and damaging caused by hail
made of Inox
various head forms
Delivered in a handy carrying case
includes the following tools:

2 half-round bars 210 / 220 mm
1 round bar 420 mm
1 half-round pointed bar 600 mm
2 angled ball-headed bars 460 / 1000 mm, plastic head with M5 x 0.81 thread
1 pointed bar 500 mm
1 special-type hooked bar 1070 mm