Darbo lempa akumuliatorinė | 3W LED | 150LM + 5W COB LED | 360LM (CWL5B)

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Prekės kodas: CWL5B


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Product Size:150*38*31mm
Type of Bulb:3W LED (head)+5W COB LED (Side)
Charging time:4 hours((based on 2000mAh battery))
Working time:Head:4.5 hours / Side COB:3 hours (based on 2000mAh battery)
Battery Type:3.7v, 1pc 18650 Li-ion battery, 2000mAh(included)
1)3W LED (head) 150LM + 5W COB LED (Side) 360LM 2)Non Polar Dimming 3)Power Display with 5 lamp, 1 lamp represents 20%
of the electicity。 4)USB charging cable included;
5)bottom with strong magnet