Aukšto slėgio plovimo įrenginys | su aksesuarais | 150 BAR / 2000 W (YT-85915)

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Prekės kodas: YT-85915


Product description
Designed for washing cars, construction and garden equipment. With the included accessories, it also allows quick and thorough cleaning of paving stones, terraces, stairs and facades. High pressure - up to 150 bar - allows you to remove even dried dirt from bird droppings and mud.

high quality

permanent motor winding protected against overheating

compact dimensions facilitate work and movement, e.g. around a car

side handle for attaching the handle

detergent container integrated into the back cover

hose reel • torsion-resistant pressure hose 5 m long

water flow: 6 l / min

durable accessories resistant to mechanical damage

in the set: brush for cubes and terraces, gun with extension, turbo nozzle, foamer