Domkratas ant ratukų | hidraulinis | žemo profilio | 85-520 mm | 2.5 t. (YT-17207)

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Prekės kodas: YT-17207


Product description
Low profile car jack

High quality car jack with double piston pump. Built on the principle of a shoulder hoist. It has a hydraulic drive operating in the horizontal axis. The low profile allows the jack to slide under any car, also with a low chassis. Indispensable in car workshops, tire services and vehicle service stations.

max height: 520 mm
starting height: only 85 mm
lifting capacity: 2.5 T
double piston pump ensures fast lifting
rubberized, non-slip handle
stable, durable construction
Construction / type: frog
Max height [mm]: 520
Min. Height [mm]: 85
Load capacity [kg]: 2,5