Sienų tinkavimo agregatas | pneumatinis | nerūdijantis plienas (YT-54400)

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Prekės kodas: YT-54400


Product description
Pneumatic plastering machine made of stainless steel sheet and high-quality plastic with brass valve and air connections. Designed for quick and effective spray plastering with most typical plasters and mortars. The use of plastering equipment allows for a significant acceleration of plastering while increasing its quality. equipped with a large comfortable handle for easy maneuvering the device.
A compressor is required for plastering.
The tank capacity is approx. 4.5l,
Number of exhaust nozzles - 4
Average productivity - about 50 m² / 1 hour for one person
The weight of the device is 2.1 kg
Required air pressure 4-5 bar
required compressor capacity 350 l / min
Purpose / application
For fast and effective spray plastering with most typical plasters. Requires a compressor connection.
Connect the device with a pneumatic hose to the compressor, apply the right amount of mortar / plaster to the tank, point the holes towards the plastered wall, open the inlet valve, spray evenly as needed. After finishing work, immerse the plastering tank in water and rinse.
Contents of the package
Plasterer. Does not include cable and compressor.