Elektrinis diskinis pjūklas | 185 mm / 1500W (YT-82151)

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Prekės kodas: YT-82151


Product description
Multifunctional circular saw designed for straight cutting, at an angle and making rip cuts in hard and soft wood as well as wood-like materials. Recommended for carpentry and roofing works.

efficient commutator motor with 1500 W power
High rotation speed: 5500 rpm for precision and cutting speed
stable and even duralumin foot
handy shape ensures comfortable work of the tool
comfortable rubber grip
includes a 185 mm cutting disc with 24 teeth, with a standard clamping hole with a diameter of 20 mm

Possibility to buy spare shields:

YT-60631 (140T) for laminates (countertops, stairs, panels)
YT-60628 (14T) for wood with nails
YT-60625 (48T) for steel
YT-60627 (60T) for PVC (cable trays, skirting boards, etc.)
YT-60907 (60T) for aluminum (side skirts, profiles, etc.)
Cutting depth: 90 ° - 63 mm; 45 ° - 44 mm
Power [W]: 1500
Rotation speed: 5500
Dial size: 185

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