Smūginių antgalių rinkinys | 20 mm (3/4") | T-Star (Torx) T70 - T100 | spline M16-M18 | 6 vnt. (YT-10653)

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Prekės kodas: YT-10653


6-piece set of TORX and SPLINE percussion wrench spanners
recommended for automotive and mechanical services.
• made of durable CrMo steel, resistant to strokes
• bit endings are suitable for repairing, among others:
headers, hubs, spindles, drive systems, gear boxes
• sizes: T70, T80, T90, T100, M16, M18
• used with percussion wrenches, feature
borehole for mounting stabilization
• chuck: 3/4”
• packed in a handy case

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