Spaustuvai pasukami daugiafunkciniai | 125 mm (YT-6506)

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Prekės kodas: YT-6506


Kietumas (ŽTT) 45-52
Plotis (mm) 125 mm
Veržimo sukimo momentas (Nm) 15 kN
Indekso numeris YT-6506
EAN 5906083965067
Gamintojas YATO
Bendras svoris (kg) 20,0000
Atidarymas Max [mm] 125

Product description
Professional vise for demanding locksmiths, general mechanics and automotive services, precisely made of the finest materials, extremely versatile thanks to 360 degrees horizontal and vertical rotation. Vise has removable jaws 125 mm wide, prismatic pipe holder, anvil, additional jaws for profiles. The vice body of the vice is made of cast iron, it has a degree of inclination with respect to the horizontal axis. Blocks of jaw and anvil made of specially tempered steel. Pulled screw, clamp force 15 KN
Destination / Application
For attaching material during mechanical machining. With prism tube holder.
Technical data
Index number YT-6506
EAN 5906083965067
Mark Yato
Unit SZT
Gross Weight (kg) 20.0000
Master Carton MC 1
Pal 28
Jaw size [inch] 5 "
Jaw size [mm] 125
Cast iron material
Type of fastening
Opening max [mm] 125