Kaltelių drožinėjimui rinkinys 6vnt (25700)

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Prekės kodas: 25700


Gaminio numeris 25700
Vienetų skaičius (vnt) 6

Product description
The set contains six chisels with specific profiles for use in artistic works. Steel flaps, wooden shanks. Designed for creating woodcuts or linocuts or typical sculpting work.
Destination / Application
A set of chisels for precision artwork and finishing. Eg sculptural finishes.
Technical data
Index number 25700
EAN 5906083257001
Marka Vorel
unit KPL
Gross Weight (kg) 0.1930
Master Carton MC 60
Inner Box IB 15
Pal 2400
Length [mm] 160
material steel
Material of wood shank