Rankinė rotorinė pompa naftos produktams (78000)

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Prekės kodas: 78000


Gaminio numeris 78000
ilgis (cm) 150
taikoma naftos produktams
našumas (l / min) 19
Svoris (kg) 3.6

Product description
Pump for oil from the barrel. It has a toothed, rotary stamping mechanism.

Technical data:
Maximum productivity: 19 l / min
Maximum lifting height: 5 m
Maximum lifting depth: 1.5 m
Purpose / use
The pump is used for pumping liquids, such as oils or liquid lubricants, from barrels to smaller containers.
In order to use the pump, it must be fastened in the barrel opening in order to allow the crank to rotate freely. For this purpose, screw the fixing ring into the thread of the barrel filler hole, then place the pump tube through it and lock it with the screw placed in the ring. Place a container under the pump outlet opening and start pumping by turning the crank.

After the work, pull the pump from the barrel, make a few more turns to empty the pump from oil residue.
Technical data
Index number 78000
EAN 5906083780004
Brand Vorel
PCS unit
Gross weight (kg) 3.6000
Master Carton MC 5
Pal 100
Length [cm] 150
Yield [l / min] 19