Vakuumo ir kuro slėgio matuoklis (HS-A1015B)

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Prekės kodas: HS-A1015B


The tester is used to test:
SERVO, vacuum systems
Vacuum in the carburettor systems and suction collectors
For Brake Assist Testing (VACUUM POMP)
Selenoid valves, electric-vacuum
For detecting leaking injectors and fuel pumps
Diagnostics of valves
Clear meter scale of 80mm with a special graduation.
The housing of the meter is covered with a non-slip rubber coating.
Meter with metal holder for hanging.
Flexible hose
4 brass tips
Connector and plastic splitter

● Large3-1/2" diameter gauge with colorcoded
easy-reading scales.
● Extra long heavy-duty rubber hose and
14mm/18mm manifold adapter.
● Checks for worn of defective parts in
fuel pumps, vacuum system.