Hidraulinis pusašio nuėmėjų rinkinys | 125 - 215 mm (7681)

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Prekės kodas: 7681


stable puller for cars, vans and vehicle with bolt circle diameter SUV’s of 125 - 215 mm
especially suitable for glued or rusty drive shafts
pressure force of the hydraulic cylinder is 10 To., - can also be used with impact spindle (included)
quick and easy adjustment of the puller-number and diameter
suitable for all wheel hubs with 3, 4, 5, and 6 holes
hydraulic Spindle 10 t, 1 1/2" threaded ball and pressure, sliding with 22 mm hex drive, length 250 mm
impact spindle with moving the firing pin and 30 mm hex drive, length 285 mm
bump wrench 30 mm hex drive for spindle stroke, length 200 mm
hydraulic pressure piece spindle extension 35 mm
centering point for hydraulic spindle
101 mm adaptor disc for pull arms and hydraulic spindle
5 pull arms
Technical data
Length 175 mm
Gross weight 9100 g

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