Žymeklis / punšas | CrV6150 | 2x140 mm (YT-47152)

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Prekės kodas: YT-47152


Product description
Rolled, tapered working section with 2.0 mm diameter tip, total length 140 mm, 9.4 mm hexagonal handle. Blackened surface made of CrV6150 steel.
Purpose / Application
Taper tapping tool designed for punching small parts, precise nail tapping and other workshop applications.
Technical data
Index number YT-47152
EAN 5906083471520
Brand Yato
Gross weight (kg) 0.0920
Master Carton MC 120
Inner Box IB 20
Pal 3600
Length [mm] 140
Material CrV, CrV50BV30, CrV6150
Dimensions [mm] 140x2.0
no cover