Tempimo, traukimo gervė | 3 m (YT-5914)

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Prekės kodas: YT-5914


Gaminio numeris YT-5914
Lietas dantratis
Svoris (kg) 7,2
ilgis (m) 3
skersmuo (mm) 6
Sutraukimo jėga (dAN) 1500

Product description
Cable winch with manual drive consists of a steel body containing a drum, gears and a ratchet mechanism with a large, appropriately selected gear ratio. The driving lever is used to move the drum and wind the steel rope. The winch can move loads weighing up to approx. 1530 kg for a distance of approx. 3 m.
Purpose / Use
Cable winch with manual drive is used to transport loads in a horizontal plane, eg to drag chests over a ramp. Due to the construction, it can not be used for vertical lifting of weights.
Pulling the rope:
- attach a fixed hook to the fixed base
- move the arm lock lever
- lift the winch arm slightly
- move the drum lock lever
- pull the rope to the desired length

Moving the load or stretching the rope:
- move the arm lock lever
- move the arm until reaching the required rope tension or load displacement

Releasing the rope tension:
- move the arm lock lever
- set the winch arm in such a position that the projection of the arm lock lever releases the drum lock; the drum will jump one tooth
- repeat the operation until the required rope expansion is achieved
Technical data
Index number YT-5914
EAN 5906083959141
Brand Yato
Gross weight (kg) 7.6670
Master Carton MC 3
Pal 63
Bollard [kg] 1530

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