Bi-metall karūnų rinkinys 22, 29, 35, 44, 67 ir 73 mm 8 vnt, HSS M3 (YT-3380)

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Prekės kodas: YT-3380


Gaminio numeris YT-3380
M3 HSS medžiaga
dalių skaičius (vnt) 8
svoris (g) 930

Product description
A set of professional bimetal holesaws for drilling large holes in metals, sheets, profiles and pipes. Also perfect for drilling in plastics, furniture boards, structural sandwich panels and resins. Recommended for professional use in industry, services and workshops. This set, due to the selection of elements, is especially dedicated to the electrical installation industry.
The holes are made of the highest quality materials - HSS M3 high-speed steel teeth. The progressive tooth profile enhances the aggressive cut. The set has a variable pitch of teeth 4-6 TPI (TPI - number of teeth per inch, or 25.4 mm), which greatly increases the efficiency of work.
Contents of the package
Holes: 22; 29; 35; 44; 67; 73 mm
Two handles for hole saws
Technical data
Index number YT-3380
EAN 5906083933806
Brand Yato
unit KPL
Gross weight (kg) 1.3500
Master Carton MC 10
Pal 240
Diameter [mm] Mix