Specializuotas adapteris/alkūnė 3/4" "Stahlberg" (ND1704)

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Prekės kodas: ND1704


Ypač tinka dyzelinių galvų, sėdynių atpalaidavimui.
Taupo laiką ir pinigus

Diesel Head Bolt Torque Adaptor
.Use of 3/4”drive ratchet/torque
wrench transmits high torque
necessary to loosen and tighten
head bolts, with less strain on
the technician.
.Eliminates the need to remove the
truck/van cab from the chassisto
access the rear head bolts saving
time and preventing damage to the
rear heat shield.
.Eliminates the need to remove the
evaporator housing, saving 2 hours
of time and the additional cost of
refrigerant added during A/C
.When coupled with an SM18, 18mm socket,
the SRD35 can access all of the head
bolts eliminating the need to change
tools or remove the adaptor during
the job.

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