Manometras kondicionieriaus sistemai (8425)

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Prekės kodas: 8425


ideal replacement item for defective gauges on service devices, can also be used for diagnosis without service devices
includes high- and low pressure hose and connection hose for service devices
gauges are protected in an aluminium housing
shut-off valves for high and low pressure
if the quick couplings are not used on air pressure hoses, they can be attached to the side blind connectors for protection
with hanging hook
hose length 1.5 m
suitable for R12 and R134A
scale value low pressure dial gauge: 0 to 350 PSI (vacuum: 10 to 30 in Hg) (-40°C to +37°C)
scale value high pressure dial gauge: 0 to 500 PSI (0°F to 190°F) (-10°C to + 88°C)
Technical data
Gross weight 3070 g

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