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Karštų klijų pistoletas 11MM 20 (80) W (YT-82402)

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Prekės kodas: YT-82402


Product description
Glue gun with 80 (20) W power by YATO.

Very good quality YATO spray gun for hot-melt adhesive with a diameter of 11mm.

Thanks to the very efficient 80W heater, the gun heats up to 180 ~ 200 ° C in just 3 ~ 5min. Then it goes into heating, working with 20W, which significantly reduces electricity consumption.
This model is an excellent proposition for demanding users, combines very good technical parameters, guaranteeing performance at the level of 15g / min and high quality. The metal outlet nozzle is resistant to mechanical damage. In addition, it is protected by a silicone sheath that reduces adhesive adhesion to the gun and makes cleaning easier.
Comfortable, large button increases the precision of work, and the ergonomic, comfortable handle significantly increases the comfort of work.

We can glue different materials with a gun:
● wood
● plastics
● metals
● ceramics
● glass
● textiles
● skin
● and many more.

It is also used for modeling, fixing, repairing, sealing and pointing.

● input voltage: 230V ~ 50Hz
● power: 80 (20) W
● working temperature: 180 ~ 200 ° C
● heating time: 3 ~ 5min
● efficiency: 15g / min
● diameter of glue cartridges: 11mm

Contents of the package
- glue gun
- 3x adhesive inserts 11mm
Technical data
Index number YT-82402
Brand Yato
PCS unit
Moc [W] 80/20
Diameter of the insert [mm] 11
Maximum capacity [g / min] 15
230V ~ 50Hz
Heat-up time [s] 180 ~ 300
Working temperature [° C] 180 ~ 200

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