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Kopėčios sudedamos | 3 laipteliai | iki 150 kg (17733)

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Prekės kodas: 17733


Product description
Step ladder 17733 by VOREL.

The ladder has 3 steps of 36x26cm, which additionally have anti-slip pads. Thanks to this, it allows you to stand confidently and stably without fear of slipping or slipping. An additional protective bracket at the top of the ladder with a soft sponge envelope protects against falling, and at the same time is very comfortable to carry.

The feet have specially profiled feet, which significantly increase the stability of the ladder and prevent slippage on the ground.

The built-in lock prevents the ladder from folding up during use, which additionally increases the safety of work.

Each step underneath has an additional reinforcement to increase durability. Thanks to this, the ladder has a load capacity of up to 150 kg and is particularly useful in:

in low storage warehouses
service points
in the workshop
in households
minor renovation works.
It allows you to easily, safely and conveniently breed for higher products. It is also very useful when cleaning or minor repairs.

The folded ladder has dimensions 115x47,5x65cm, and after folding the height is only 125cm. Thanks to that it does not take up much space during storage, transport and transfer.

Purpose / Use
A ladder with a load capacity of up to 150kg is particularly useful in:
- in low storage warehouses,
- stores,
- service outlets,
- in workshops,
- in households,
- minor renovation works.
Technical data
Index number 17733
Brand Vorel

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