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Lempa dažų parinkimui | 5W (YT-08509)

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Prekės kodas: YT-08509


Product description
- YT-08509 is a portable lamp that perfectly reproduces natural light conditions. A modern COB LED source with a very high color rendering index CRI = 95 similar to sunlight enables a perfect selection of the right color and shade of varnish, among others car. It facilitates checking the color against the pattern and checking the coverage itself. In the light of the YT-08509 lamp, you can easily detect the smallest paint defects, such as spots, holograms or burns.
- The efficient COB LED source also provides luminous flux unprecedented among ordinary workshop lamps with a power of up to 400 lm. The lamp works in two lighting modes. After 5 min automatically changes the lighting mode from 100% to 50%, preventing faster battery discharge. The high power of the 5W COB LED source requires adequate removal of excess heat, which was achieved by using a special aluminum radiator.
- The detachable lens allows it to be thoroughly cleaned
- Capacious 2600 mAh lithium-ion battery provides 4 hours of continuous operation. The battery needs 4 hours to fully charge. The lamp has a battery level indicator.
- Swivel housing allows the lamp to be tilted at any angle. Thanks to this function and additionally two magnets and a rotary hook, it can be easily and flexibly attached. This gives you the opportunity to optimally illuminate the desired space, leaving your hands free.
- The fitting has a reinforced structure, which provides the entire lamp with a high IK07 mechanical strength class.
- The lamp has a high IP65 protection class.
- Complete with the lamp, the user receives a docking station with a universal socket for charging µUSB. The station is adapted for wall mounting and magnet attachment to the worktop. A detachable USB cable allows charging the docking station from a computer, power bank or other devices with a USB socket.
- The small dimensions of the lamp allow it to be easily transported during a customer visit.
Purpose / Application
The design of the frame and lens as well as the specific light source make the lamp an indispensable tool in the process of choosing colors in paint shops. Very strong luminous flux, compact size and various additional functions make the lamp also very useful in other professional applications, e.g. on a construction site, in a car workshop or hobby.

Contents of the package
- lamp
- Docking Station
- charger
Technical data
Index number YT-08509
EAN 5906083085093
Brand Yato
Gross weight (kg) 1.0000
COB LED light source
Power [W] 5W
Luminous flux [lm] 400 lm / 200 lm
Light color 4500K
Color rendering index Ra = 95
2600mAh Li-ion battery
Lighting time [h] 4
Charging time [h] 4
Protection class III
Degree of protection [IP] IP 65
Degree of protection [IK] IK 07
Housing rotary plastic body
Black colour
Unscrewed lens for easy removal of dirt
Dimensions [mm] 190 x 55 x 33
Flashlight function NO
hook YES
Magnet magnets at the base of the lamp and at the back of the lamp; additional magnet at the base of the docking station
Lighting modes 2 lighting modes: full and economical. Lamp after 5 min automatically changes the lighting mode from 100% to 50%, which prevents the battery from discharging quickly
Charger docking station adapted for wall mounting and magnet attachment to the worktop; 230V mains charger with detachable USB cable
Color box packaging

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