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Metalo detektorius ir laidų po tinku ieškiklis (81785)

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Prekės kodas: 81785


Prekės numeris 81785
EAN 5906083817854
Metalo aptikimas +
Aptinka medienos profilius +
Aptikta "gyvus" laidus +
Gylis aptikimo įtampos kabeliai 50mm
Nustatyti gylį ir medienos profilius 19mm

Product description
The detector can detect live conductors, metal components and wooden beams in the walls.
Thanks to its clear display and easy operation, it is possible to quickly and precisely detect these components.
Small size and battery power provide great mobility for the detector.

The detector is delivered complete and does not require mounting.

- Types of objects to be detected: wood, metal, live wires (A.C.)

Detection range:
- wood [mm] 19
- metal [mm] 38
- live wires (A.C.) [mm] 50

- Power supply 9V D.C. (6F22)
- Operating temperature [OC] +5 ÷ +40
- Dimensions [mm] 180 x 75 x 30
- Weight [kg] 0.17
How to use
The detector is able to detect only live wires through which the alternating current flows. Cables through which DC current will not be detected. Such wires can be detected in the metal object detection mode. To detect the item, turn on and calibrate the detector, then attach it to the wall and slowly move it toward the expected
Detection of the material in question. If detected, it is recommended to carry out the detection process several more times by moving the detector in a different direction each time, thus increasing the precision of the measurement. When detecting larger objects such as beams
Wooden or steel. You must first detect one edge of the object as described above and then detect the other edge of the object. This will determine the area occupied by the item.
Technical data
Index Number 81785
EAN 5906083817854
Marka Vorel
PCS unit
Gross Weight (kg) 0.3500
Master Carton MC 20
Pal 320
Detection of metal +
Detection of wooden profiles +
Detection of live wires +
Wire detection depth under voltage 50
Depth of detection of wooden profiles 19

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