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the ideal home solution not only for car tires, but also for motorcycles or bicycles, balls, air beds and much more.
even large-volume inflatable items such as air beds and mattresses or inflatable pools can be filled quickly, easily and with high pressure with this compressor
light and robust case construction - perfect for mobile use as well as space-saving storage
oil- and service-free operation
powerful electric motor for fast pressure build-up
9-piece adapter set for all common valves included in the scope of delivery
accessories can be conveniently stored in a separate compartment
wide operating radius due to rubberized (PVC) connection cable with 3 meter length
space-saving storage options for compressed air hose, power cord and accessories directly in the housing
power supply: 230 V 50 Hz
compressed speed: 3550 U/min
theoretical suction power: 180 l/min
protection category: II
scope of delivery:

9 adaptors and nozzles
1 air gun with pressure gauge up to 12 bar (analog), with quick release lever for use as tire inflator gun
1 compressed air hose (3 m) with air quick coupler
Technical data
Gross weight 6566 g
Rated power 1100 W
Max. working pressure 8 bar
Protection class IP 20
Sound pressure level max. 75,2 | K: 2 dB(A)
Sound power level max. 95 | K: 2 dB(A)

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