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Pripučiama montavimo pagalvė (YT-67380)

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Prekės kodas: YT-67380


Product description
Pumped cushion for lifting items weighing up to 135 kg. Made of fabric based on reinforced synthetic fiber. Dimensions 150 x 160 mm. A hose with a pump and a safety valve of approx. 290 mm. Lifting height approx. 50 mm. The thickness of the un-inflated cushion is about 2 mm.
Purpose / use
For lifting heavy elements when leveling them, eg by fixing windows or doors, leveling furniture, refrigerators or washing machines. Pillows are also used in workshops for emergency opening of car doors.
Insert the empty cushion into the gap under the object being lifted, close the valve and press the pump rhythmically to fill the cushion gradually, lifting the object up. When lowering, unscrew the valve by letting out the air gradually.
Technical data
The YT-67380 index number
EAN 5906083024023
Brand Yato
PCS unit
Gross weight (kg) 0.1670
Master Carton MC 24
Pal 432
Maximum height [mm] 50
The dimensions of the base [mm] 150 x 160
Height min [mm] 2
Lifting capacity [kg] 135

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